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Passive Audio Processor

Mangle is a passive audio processor, produced in collaboration with Swedish composer and sound artist VAAAL. It’s perfect for glitches, sliced-and-diced audio obliterations, wrecked distortions, and murky textures. It can be smooth, it can also act like a guillotine for your audio signals.

Rather than using the +/-12V power rails of the eurorack system, Mangle is powered by YOU, and what you choose to insert into the Power Input jack. Run audio into Mangle, then add whatever type and shape of CV you’d like into the PWR In jack. That CV will drive the circuitry and manipulate your audio from wildly overdriven, to voltage-starved and wrecked…and whatever interesting tones lie in-between. You can therefore think of Mangle as a strange (and perhaps brutalist) VCA, where the audio level is manipulated by powering up and down the actual circuitry the audio is passing through.

For extra tweaking, there are two circuits to route audio between: One circuit uses a quality built-in audio chip, the other circuit uses a chip that is user-swappable via the front panel. This second chip can be a source of fresh flavors, and experimentation is definitely encouraged.

Additional features include hard and soft asymmetrical diode clipping, a Bias CV input for further experimentation, a Snuff switch to kill the power to the module for a 100% passive mode, and a Gain switch to really push things into overdrive if needed. There is also a power-through jack for passing the powering-CV out to other adjacent Mangle modules.

  • Switch between the built-in circuitry, and a user-swappable chip on the front panel for different flavors.
  • Switchable asymmetrical soft/hard clipping.
  • Switchable gain.
  • Snuff kills incoming power CV for 100% passive mode.
  • Bias: Run CV into this at any rate to manipulate even further.
  • PWR thru: Passes incoming PWR CV to a downstream Mangle/etc.