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5-channel Mono to Stereo Mixer with Direct Outputs


  • Separate Direct Output per channel for further mixing in DAW

  • ∞ to +6 dB gain on all level knobs

  • Stereo panning and click-less muting

  • Mono Aux Send, and Mono or Stereo Aux Return. Sends have Pre/Post option per channel for flexible use as a monitoring system (Pre), or as a typical FX send (Post).

  • High quality, low-noise analog signal path (THD+N .005%; 1 kHz @+15 dBu with 0 dB gain)

  • Reverse voltage protection (in addition to shrouded header)

  • Includes power cable and 4 mounting screws

"The D.O.MIXX solves a couple of common problems in Eurorack, firstly how to mix your audio together to a single output and also how to route sensible levels out to a multi-channel audio interface for multi-track recording. ...Very neat, well laid out and fulfills the brief as a small Eurorack mixer nicely in only 22HP. Having Direct Outputs is quite unusual and makes running stuff out to your DAW so much easier when the need arises." - Robin Vincent, Gearnews.com


D.O.MIXX was created based on a couple of simple desires - to not only have a quality in-the-rack mixer as the last thing in the modular signal chain, but to also have an easy means to grab a Direct Output from each channel, so more detailed mixing can take place in a DAW after the fact. These Direct Outs can also be used to route the channel wherever you’d like back into the modular system. Beyond that, there are other standard mixer features such as an Aux Bus (with Pre/Post send switch), stereo panning, and click-less muting on each channel. All level knobs range from ∞ to +6 dB of gain.

Direct Outputs are post-gain/mute.

Note this mixer is AC-coupled, and as such is only suitable for audio signals, not CV.

User Guide

D.O.MIXX on Modular Grid






3.3 cm


170 mA @ 12V

170 mA @ -12V

Input / Aux Send Gain

∞ to +6 dB

Output Gain

∞ to +6 dB


All I/O is unbalanced

THD + Noise

.005%; 1 kHz @+15 dBu with 0 dB gain

Dynamic Range

>107 dB, A-weighted

Input Impedance

100K ohms

Output Impedance

300 ohms


This product is in conformity with the following standards:

EN 55032:2012/AC:2013, EN 55035:2017, EN 61000-3-2:2014, EN 61000-3-3:2013

RoHS2: 2011/65/EU

WEEE: 2012/19/EU