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5-channel Mono to Stereo Mixer with Direct Outputs

More modules are currently being produced. ETA early November - join the waitlist! XO


  • Separate Direct Output per channel for further mixing in DAW

  • ∞ to +6 dB gain on all level knobs

  • Stereo panning and click-less muting

  • Mono Aux Send, and Mono or Stereo Aux Return. Sends have Pre/Post option per channel for flexible use as a monitoring system (Pre), or as a typical FX send (Post).

  • High quality, low-noise analog signal path (THD+N .005%; 1 kHz @+15 dBu with 0 dB gain)

  • Reverse voltage protection (in addition to shrouded header)

  • Includes power cable and 4 mounting screws

D.O.MIXX was created based on a couple of simple desires - to not only have a quality in-the-rack mixer as the last thing in the modular signal chain, but to also have an easy means to grab a Direct Output from each channel, so more detailed mixing can take place in a DAW after the fact. These Direct Outs can also be used to route the channel wherever you’d like back into the modular system - a single-channel buffered mult if you will. Beyond that, there are other standard mixer features such as an Aux Bus (with Pre/Post send switch), stereo panning, and click-less muting on each channel. All level knobs range from ∞ to +6 dB of gain.

Direct Outputs are post-gain/mute.

Note this mixer is AC-coupled, and as such is only suitable for audio signals, not CV.

User Guide

D.O.MIXX on Modular Grid






3.3 cm


170 mA @ 12V

170 mA @ -12V

Input / Aux Send Gain

∞ to +6 dB

Output Gain

∞ to +6 dB


All I/O is unbalanced

THD + Noise

.005%; 1 kHz @+15 dBu with 0 dB gain

Dynamic Range

>107 dB, A-weighted

Input Impedance

100K ohms

Output Impedance

300 ohms