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Expandable 4-Channel Audio and CV Utility

Mix, Attenuate, Invert


  • Clean and precise manipulation, routing and mixing of CV and Audio signals.
  • Switchable mixer configurations: two 2-to-1 mixes, or one 2-to-1 plus a 4-to-1.
  • Expandable with other 221.x2 modules.
  • Direct Outs are switchable between Pre and Post attenuation/inversion.
  • Channels 2 and 4 are normalled with a 6V offset.
  • ∞ to +6 dB (aka 2x) gain on Summing knobs
  • LEDs for bipolar peak detection, and display of CV shape.

"A very versatile audio and CV mixer, attenuator and inverter. I always liked the Blood Cells Audio D.O.MIXX mixer and if that’s anything to go by the 221.x2 should be excellent." - Robin Vincent, Gearnews.com

"An impressively capable take on mixing and attenuversion. Versatile." - Greg Scarth, Juno

221.x2 is a clean and precise utility module that is equally at home mixing Control Voltage as it is audio. At its simplest, it is two independent 2-to-1 mixers that offer per-channel attenuation and inversion, as well as +6dB of gain available at the summed outputs. With a tap of the “All Mix” button, these separate mixes can be combined into a 4-to-1 mix at the “All Mix” output - meanwhile, the first 1+2 mix is still available at its respective summed output. A rear expansion input and output allows for combining multiple modules into larger systems.

In addition, each channel also offers a Direct Output that can be taken pre or post attenuation/inversion.

A 6-volt offset is normalled into the input jacks of channels 2 and 4. This voltage is available at the channel’s Direct Output, as well as added to the mixed outputs. Useful as an offset for mixing with another CV signal, or simply as a voltage source.

Each summed output group has two blue LEDs for displaying the shape of the summed CV, and can also serve as signal present indicators for audio. Peak LEDs trigger at ~9.6V, allowing for a bit of headroom before things get out of hand.

User Guide

22.1x2 on Modular Grid



Width 10HP
Depth 3.3 cm
Power 133 mA @ 12V
129 mA @ -12V
Input Level
∞ to 0 dB (attenuators)
Output Gain ∞ to +6 dB
Inputs/Outputs All I/O is unbalanced
Input Impedance 10 Mohms
Output Impedance
Mix Outputs: 330 ohms
Direct Outputs: 10 ohms


This product is in conformity with the following standards:

EN 55032:2012/AC:2013, EN 55035:2017, EN 61000-3-2:2014, EN 61000-3-3:2013

RoHS2: 2011/65/EU

WEEE: 2012/19/EU